Tom Udall’s Recession Doesn’t Help Women

 Posted:  October 2, 2014

There has been a lot written about the stagnant U.S. economy and more written about the policies of the last ten years that have stopped recovery in its tracks.

There is no doubt that children are not being born because parents in general and women in particular are unsure about the viability of being able to take care of them.

The linked article below from CBS News discusses a study that shows recessions can postpone motherhood forever.

If you want a family, want a husband who is working, want to be a mom you might seriously
re-consider who has the real “war on women”?

Is it the Republicans who have hundreds of pro-growth economic spurring bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk unopened? Is it the Democrats who have Tom Udall’s job killing Obamacare and other shutting down the economy proposals signed and delivered?

Tom Udall has never been for jobs and is not even endorsed by business groups in the country. Tom Udall has never run a business and knows how to break the bank every time.

Who is running a war on women?

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