Tom Udall’s Staggering Performance on Banking and Wall Street Support

 Posted:  August 14, 2014

Wall Street on Parade is a publication that covers Wall Street. The linked article details how Citigroup, a world wide financial industries giant, is playing cat and mouse with the Feds.

In this case Citigroup is the cat and the Federal government is the mouse.

As you know, Citigroup received massive support in 2008 from the Federal government to keep it from going under after it lost lots of money in derivatives trading activities.

Between 2008 and 2010, it also received (as did other Wall Street and banking giants here and abroad) $2 TRILLION worth of special loans from the FEDERAL RESERVE.

Citigroup has subsidiaries in 160 countries and it has been hard to keep track of what they are doing as the writer of this article describes.

Also interesting was that Dodd Frank, touted as a solution for big banks, gives the Federal Reserve more power over the very business groups it failed to monitor leading up to the financial crisis.

The real kicker to this posting is a linked article that shows Tom Udall was one of the BIGGEST recipients of money from Citigroup for his campaign fund.

Tom Udall voted for Dodd Frank, voted for the second half of TARP, and has voted for and supported the Federal Reserve.

It makes you wonder even if you have even two brain cells in your head.

Tom Udall comes from money, votes for money, gets money from money.

Why would you vote for him, especially when he says he is for the little guy and against banks and Wall Street.

If you can make this all add up to anything but an indictment of Tom Udall, we would like to hear from you.

Full article here >>>.

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