Tom Udall’s Supporters in Simple English

 Posted:  November 3, 2014

The non-partisan group, Open Secrets, has released where Tom Udall get his money and how much he has raised in the last few years. The linked information below shows you that Tom Udall gets most of his money from the following industries:

  1. Lawyers/law firms
  2. Retired people
  3. Leadership PACS
  4. Securities/investment firms
  5. Democrat/liberal groups

This tells us a lot about who Tom Udall supports and why. If you are a New Mexican registered as a Republican and you vote for Tom Udall you may as well change your party affiliation. Tom Udall doesn’t have a conservative bone in his body and that is not good because even conservatives we know have a few liberal bones in the bottom of their right foot.

Full article here >>>.

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