Tom Udall’s Taking Care of Vets Alright …

 Posted:  September 22, 2014

  1. No comments about sending 3,000 military troops in the middle of an EBOLA epidemic in Africa to fight EBOLA.

  2. No comments about your pushing to get troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, authorizing the U.S. military to go back and train Syrian rebels to fight Syrian rebels.

  3. No comments about passing a Budget Control Bill of 2014 that cuts Vet’s benefits.

  4. No comments about the V.A. in Albuquerque until all hell broke loose and it was found that supervisors were cooking the books to get big bonuses for providing services.

  5. No comments about leaving the troops in battle for two three four consecutive times without bringing them home for rest.

  6. No comments about Department of Homeland Security calling Vets “terrorists” and a danger to our security.

  7. No comments about your votes for all the Defense Appropriations Acts that let these guys remain in war when a “no” vote would have made your case that these Middle East wars are

  8. No comments when …

We get the picture. You are all sweet on Vets when the election is near, but when push comes to shove you are no where to be found.

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