Tom Udall’s Wall Street Connections

 Posted:  September 26, 2014

This is a re-post of an earlier posting detailing Tom Udall’s support by WALL STREET.

Look for his name at the bottom of the list of Senators receiving money from Goldman Sach’s in copious quantities. It is almost like it was hidden for a reason, out of alphabetical order etc.

When Tom Udall skewers his opponent as being Tea Party, being for big business etc., he is showing his ignorance.

Unfortunately, Allen Weh is NOT a Tea Party candidate.

We don’t know what Allen Weh will do when elected because he has no track record?

We do know what Tom Udall will do. He has a long track record. It is very much for the rich, for the central planners, for the big institutions consolidating power and control over individuals in this country.

Full article here >>>.

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