Tom Udall’s War

 Posted:  November 1, 2014

The linked television ad below from the Allen Weh campaign reminds us that Tom Udall is a class warfare specialist. When it comes time to answering questions about policies or positions, Tom Udall will start talking rich against poor, men against women, minorities against whites. It is an old trick he learned after two decades in Washington and hobnobbing with all those family friends who are also pulling the strings of power.

Tom Udall is an elitist and a Washington insider. He is a man who promotes and pushes alternative energy at all costs, including subsidies, and then comes out in a debate and flat out lies about being for a balanced energy program in the U.S. He accepts climate change as a given and wants to change the way we all live to fit his ideas, just like he did with ObamaCare.

If you are happy about the way things are you will vote Tom Udall.

The rest of us have other choices.

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