Tom Udall’s Watergate Roots: His Own IRS Scandal

 Posted:  October 28, 2014

Tom Udall has had an ethics complaint filed on him in the U.S. Senate. It has been there a while and has been well reported in national news sources. The Albuquerque Journal has avoided the subject like the plague and still refused to consider it important enough to cover even though the man who broke the Watergate case – Bob Woodward – believes it important.

The video in the linked article below is Bob Woodward asking the obvious question – “What exactly happened in the IRS scandal?”

Here we have Tom Udall signing a letter to the IRS asking them to investigate Tea Party groups as an important national election was being held. Liberal progressive groups were not on Tom Udall’s list. He is only concerned with watching the groups that don’t like him and obviously doesn’t mind using the IRS to do his bidding. If you go to the Police State Battleground Issues on this Website you will find lots of info about how our current government and both parties are stealing your rights to free speech and free association.

New Mexicans might not care for conservatives, might hate the Tea Party which is up to them.

All New Mexicans, however, should think twice about electing a man who goes out of his way to use the power of the IRS and the Federal government to harass citizens like you and your neighbors who only want to participate in the political process, and educate about their causes.

Full article here >>>.

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