Tom Udall’s White Horse Campaign (Video)

 Posted:  July 25, 2014

This is one of Tom Udall’s election ads, one minute and three seconds, funded by PACS, environmentalists, lawyers, unions, and individuals, most from out of state.

We have a vet on staff that watched the ad. He smiled.

“It’s like Udall to ride up on a white horse to solve a problem that he helped create.”

We talked to a man in the street who has voted for Tom Udall.

“When is he going to talk about immigration, or ObamaCare, or fraud in food stamps and SSI payments?”

Tom Udall is launching his campaign of 2014. Look for him to not address your issues, portray himself as a caring legislator who rides in on a large white horse to save the day.

Look for him to wear Levis and a cowboy hat.

We have been anticipating it, so it isn’t a shock to see Tom running a White Horse Campaign.

However, we would like to see him on a real live horse with spurs and chaps, would like to see him rope the cow and throw it to the ground.

Smoke and mirrors is not foreign to Tom Udall and we will see more of the good ole country boy raised in Washington D.C. these next few months till you go to the voting booth.

After election time, you won’t hear from him again.

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