Tom Udall’s/Barack Obama’s Dirty Little ObamaCare Slush Fund

 Posted:  June 24, 2014

When ObamaCare was sold to the public, many had the idea that insurance companies, those mean old profit driven unfair insurance companies, were going to be brought under control. Tom Udall, on his Web pages and interviews, demonized the insurance industry much like he maligns big oil, or big business, or Wall Street, etc.

Come to find out, ObamaCare benefits Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Hospitals. It also benefits Big Insurance Companies because they sell more policies to more people with lots more services people don’t want, and, if people object ,they have to pay a fine. It was such a great deal for insurance companies that their representatives helped write the bill while Democrats were securing the votes to pass it late at night when Americans were sleeping.

When Obama broke the law by saying that the law he signed wouldn’t require Americans to join Health Care Exchanges and they could keep their policies, insurance companies were troubled. This meant that their risk pools were affected and their profits weren’t looking good. However, Obama and Tom Udall fixed this problem by throwing eight billion into their bank accounts. You see, ObamaCare has a slush fund that protects insurance companies against unforeseeable things, like delays and changing the law as elections come closer.

Tom Udall has yet to speak about ObamaCare during his re-election campaign. He should have to talk about it because it has wrecked American health care, driven up prices, and is going to make criminals of a lot if people who won’t or can’t pay the fine for not joining up.

ObamaCare is Tom Udall’s NASTY little secret. He would rather talk about getting money out of campaigns and protecting his incumbency. Let’s talk about ObamaCare for a while. People still don’t like it.

Don’t vote for Tom Udall thinking he is against insurance companies. It just ain’t so.

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