Top 10 “Must Read” Articles

#1)  Barack Obama, the Adolescent President

Tom Udall is a company man. He votes his party without question. He takes his marching orders from Harry Reid and goes to battle with his answers to press questions carefully secured in his pants pockets. Like his mentor President Obama, Tom Udall can be seen at press conferences with his Democratic clones. Letters back home from the front assure New Mexicans that all is going well, has never been better, and that we are in good hands with Tom representing us. Dissent is an ugly thing. One never wants to talk with opponents who might have another take on things. It is Tom’s way or the highway for many New Mexican’s who would like to be represented by their Senator – even just a little.

#2)  Anti-Business Obama Strikes Again

Dare anyone say that they are Pro Business? Tom Udall says he is for business but saying and doing are two very different things. During his term in Congress (twenty years), the U.S. has seen a decimation of the middle class, the rich reaping rewards of favorable government regulation that Tom Udall has cheerfully voted for, and a growing redistribution of wealth to the poor without any effort on their part. In a stagnant economy that sees job growth nill, one would think that any measures to support small business would be seized upon. Yet, big business stays overseas where they were chased, and Tom Udall cries class warfare and does nothing to bring business back to our shores. New Mexico has one of the most anti-business climates in the country. As long as Tom Udall is in the Senate, New Mexico will remain a ward of the Federal Government, the most dependent states in the Union. Small wonder that our state is declining in population and lose college graduates to other places that have more opportunity.

#3)  Doubts Over Common Core

There is no doubt that Federal involvement in Education is neither Constitutionally authorized, educationally effective, or ethically motivated. The last big Federal incursion into local education was No Child Left Behind which, quite frankly, left a lot of children behind. It created a tangled web from which school districts are still trying to escape from. Tom Udall, as is his wont, voted for the omnibus bill and it’s one size fits all mentality. Years later, he backtracked a bit and said it was a bad bill hoping that this admission would help us forget that he voted for it.

Common Core, supported by Tom Udall and his teacher’s unions, is an even worse infraction than NCLB. NCLB just wanted to test kids. Common Core wants to indoctrinate them.

There is nothing so pleasurable to progressives like Tom Udall than knowing little children are learning the right lessons from the trained teachers. There is nothing so pleasurable to progressives like Tom Udall than knowing that your children are going to be his to raise and there is nothing you can do about it. Check Common Core out. The most important word to remember about it all is that it is COMMON.

#4)  Going Green: A Luxury Good For the Rich at Expense of the Poor

Jobs are good when you need them. Many people need them these days. Green energy is a job killer for one. For two, it makes the cost of electricity higher and hurts poor people. But, as this article so eloquently shows, the Tom Udall’s of the world just don’t care what energy costs people. It is more important to be cool and support policies that limit energy sources, constrict supply, and, as is the case with the Keystone XL Pipeline, stop jobs that would support families and communities. No matter … the only people against Keystone are rich Democrats and well educated Democrats who don’t have to worry about paying utility bills. Europe has discovered green doesn’t always work that well. They are buying as much U.S. coal as they can get. Too bad Tom Udall just wants to shut down the coal industry too. With supply and demand still operating, less energy means more expensive energy. Rationing is alive and well in our national future.

#5)  Individualism Versus Collectivism is at Heart of Policy Debates

If one has not looked up the word “collectivism” lately, it may be a valuable moment. It is most convenient to look at the political season through the prisms “individualism” or “collectivism”. It is certainly obvious that there are people, even you, who believes in individual responsibility but still votes for a collectivist like Tom Udall. It is certainly true that some believe in the glorious ability of government to help and yet can’t abide by the waste of money and lack of priorities from a Big Government Big Brother that doesn’t want little – it wants all.

It is easy to make your vote. If you believe in the “collectivist” ideology of Tom Udall, then it makes perfect sense to vote for him. If, however, you still believe old fashioned ideas that people make their own lives what they want them to be, bad behaviors should not bring good consequences, and government should stay out of the business of running people’s lives, Tom Udall is a poor choice.

#6)  The Biggest Political Dynasty in All 50 States

These days the elites are visible. To those who still believe in rags to riches stories, they still happen. It is just rare for these success stories to become Congressmen and make a good living spending other people’s money and dictating how all of us common folk are supposed to cross our T’s and dot our I’s. The Udall’s are in this article under the state Arizona. Unfortunately, there are families in every state who cast long dirty shadows. It would be refreshing and good for the country if we had a periodic bleeding and purged ourselves of Washington elites and political dynasties who do much more to enrich themselves than the country. People who want to run for office and make thousands of pages of laws that make criminals out of good people need to be closely scrutinized. Tom Udall has spent an entire life running for and holding office. Ask him if he regrets any of the important votes he voted on that got us into the situation our country is in. Our guess is that he points the finger at the other guy.

#7)  27 Democratic Senators Who Promised You Could Keep Your Health Coverage

According to Tom Udall, you can keep your healthcare plan if you like it. Tom Udall says a lot of things that aren’t true.

#8)  Bigger, Badder NDAA 2014 Quietly Passed the House and Senate – and It Is On the Way to Obama’s Desk

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2014 was much more than just giving money to the Military. It gave lots of non-Constitutional powers to the Executive Branch and took away American’s rights to due process and liberty. Tom Udall voted for this bill as well as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and 2013. He might have sponsored some amendments to the bill but they were too little, too late. This bill, with all the bad things still intact, is now law – signed by Obama. Tom Udall might have voted against the Patriot Act but he has voted for every other kind of bill that supports a growing police state in the U.S. Maybe he just doesn’t have time to read the bill? Probably he just votes for it because he was told to vote for it. Bad bill – bad vote – bad consequences.

#9)  The “Smoking Gun” in the IRS Scandal Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

Tom Udall has a nasty habit of using government agencies to take care of groups that he doesn’t like. He wrote a letter, with a few other peers, that set the IRS on non profit groups. Abuse of power and abuse of First Amendment Rights runs deep in his party.

#10)  A Doctor’s Declaration of Independence

This essay from a medical provider may make you wonder about the destruction caused by Tom Udall and ObamaCare – the UN-AFFORDABLE UN-CARE ACT. Next time you can’t get an appointment for care, your doctor drops you from his rolls your premium goes sky high, you can’t get a procedure done, thank Tom Udall. He made it possible for 10% uncovered people to have health insurance by destroying your coverage. By the way, those 10% still aren’t covered because they don’t want to sign up.