Trip Down Memory Lane with Bill Richardson, Tony Anaya and Tom Udall

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

For long time residents of New Mexico this ribbon cutting ceremony for the Rail Runner is bittersweet. Tony Anaya first proposed the rapid transit system up and down the Rio Grande Valley 30 years ago. Even though this is a rural state and not loaded with money, Tony thought it was a fantastic idea for an impoverished New Mexico. Bill Richardson, caught up in “pay-for-play” politics in New Mexico spent most of his last term as Governor of New Mexico running for President and leaving the state in the incapable hands of Diane Denish. Tom Udall, who took over Bill Richardson’s third district seat in the House of Representatives, is full of smiles as he sees a central planners dream come true. His association with Bill Richardson goes way back and his stepdaughter, Amanda Cooper, managed the campaigns of both Bill Richardson and her Tom Udall in his long days as a well paid political operative.

Since this photo was taken the Rail Runner has found predictably bad times, operating in the red and costing New Mexicans money as riders are mostly tourists. Tony Anaya is busy pursuing progressive think tank ideas and Tom Udall was voted the “most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate”.

It is funny how just when you think things have changed you take a trip down memory lane and discover just how close these three men have been in keeping New Mexico a Third World State and the furthermost State of Northern Mexico.

Progressives have lots of world shattering plans but, somehow, they can’t seem to improve New Mexico’s poverty, lack of desirability for companies who are building companies of the future somewhere else, and dependence on the Federal governments largess for its survival.

It is a cute happy picture but what these three have done to New Mexico, and what they haven’t done, is very very sad.

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