Trip Down Tom Udall’s Memory Lane: TARP Vote

 Posted:  August 9, 2014

If you visit the Benchmark votes section of this Website you get a quick reminder of Tom Udall’s philosophical flexibility.

Remembering the heady days of the collapse of our financial system, brought about by another vote of Tom Udall to get rid of the Glass Steagall Act, we are transported back to the infamous TARP scenario. In this magnificent bailing out of banks, Wall Street, big corporations, and even foreign banks, we see Tom Udall taking the position that TARP was bad. He is on record as saying that the entire thing was just a W Bush crony capitalist bill to help the very guys that caused the crisis. He voted against TARP and went to bed feeling good about himself, and he did, for once in his life, make the right decision.

However, when Obama was President and not Bush, Tom Udall switched his mind and decided TARP was really okay and necessary. He changed his vote and, after a little chat with his Commander in Chief decided to change his mind and vote with the crony capitalists and let the second half of TARP funds go to the big boys Tom Udall has a habit of bad mouthing but taking money from for his campaign.

What was bad under one party became good under his party.

You can look it up. It is hard to find because no one talks about it much. All of Tom Udall’s news flashes only talk about his first vote, not his second change of mind.

We know that times change, the voters memory is short, and politics is politics.

We know that Tom Udall needs to be held accountable for his story – all of it.

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