Two Different Worlds of Republicans and Democrats

 Posted:  October 25, 2014

It isn’t too long before the studious observer of politics comes to the conclusion that people are wired different. When we compare the two candidates running for the New Mexico third district House of Representatives, you have two philosophies in stark contrast.Which way you vote will determine if the third district remains poor, whether the citizens there can break the status quo of poverty, whether the economy will be stuck with federal government ,or prosper with private enterprise.

Jeff Byrd is running for the office for a second time. He believes the Federal government is overstepping its bounds. Over regulation by the EPA, the Bureau of land management and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is hurting New Mexicans and creating job losses. He wants more decisions to be made about New Mexico by New Mexicans. He realizes, as many many Journal articles have described, that New Mexico cannot continue to rely on the Federal government as the mainstay of its economic plan. He believes that climate change is down the list of what needs to be focused on in Congress. Jobs and a vibrant economy are what the third district needs.

Ben Ray Lujan continues to focus on Federal bases and labs as being his only concern. He likes government subsidies for ranchers. He also thinks that he will work to get a pay as you go thing going in Congress so there are fewer unfunded mandates where the Feds start a program but require the states to pay for it which crushes state budgets. Most states have to balance the books while the Feds don’t. Only a stump would think the Federal government will ever pay for what they create. On climate change, Ben Ray Lujan is 100% in.

So, the voters in the third district will either send back to Congress a typical Democrat with a typical agenda that talks about the economy but votes consistently for things that destroy small business and private businesses OR they can elect a man who comes from a different perspective.

Government in New Mexico hires only a select number of people. It is small business that can provide the boost for our local economy.

Candidates are wired different, just like voters.

We expect there are too many New Mexicans who want free stuff, but Ben Ray Lujan costs us a lot to keep in office.

Try something new for a change.

Let’s get families out of New Mexico politics.

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