Two Videos Worth Your Time That Tom Udall Needs to Watch and Contradict (if He Can)

 Posted:  July 29, 2014

These two videos are total about 15 minutes and present some facts about immigration that Tom Udall doesn’t want you to think about, your religious leaders don’t want you to think about, you might not want to think about. The videos are called “Immigration by the Numbers” and “Gumballs”. They are on point and force you to look at immigration as more than an emotional issue.

Politicians like emotional voters that they can make dance to their tune.

Isn’t it time that we force our elected representatives to explain why they would say that open borders and letting strangers run wild in our kitchens and back yards is a good thing?

Isn’t it time to actually think about an issue before voting for someone who is only perpetuating a problem?

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