Udall Co-Sponsors Bill and Then Runs Away From it When Challenged

 Posted:  June 14, 2014

PIPA is a shortened name for the Protect the Intellectual Property Act Bill which Tom Udall sponsored in the Senate. He doesn’t sponsor many bi-partisan bills so he thought this would be a good one for him because Hollywood and the media love Democratic causes.

Problem was no one liked his bill, especially people like Google and Wikipedia. Tom Udall thought it would be protecting their content but they said it would censor the internet and strangle innovation.

Tom Udall knows a lot about these two things. He censored the Senate through his filibuster bill and is now trying to censor American’s right to give money to whomever they wish.

So, instead of standing up for his bill, after 240 some E-mails against it from constituents, he is moving away from it and talking about listening, after already introducing the bill.

Aren’t they supposed to be listening BEFORE they do something instead of after.

The linked article from Capitol Report, a New Mexico investigative news group and one of the best, gives details about Tom Udall’s hasty retreat.

When the fight gets going, Tom Udall gets going – in the wrong direction, for cover.

Full article here >>>.

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