Udall Interview Confounds Us

 Posted:  September 9, 2014

We are used to cotton candy interviews, hand picked analysis, never challenge a statement reporting, but this recent Albuquerque Journal interview on Tom Udall was one of the worst. It was, of course, presented by a Washington based Journal reporter, Mike Coleman, so we wouldn’t expect him to do anything but throw softballs at the sitting Congressman.

“I am earning the support of my constituents …” Tom Udall opens the affair.

As detailed on this Website, Tom Udall’s constituents are barely twenty five percent of the state. As a very very liberal man, Tom Udall consistently avoids the issues that concern many of New Mexico’s residents and votes for “his constituents”. It is no surprise that Coleman mentions Tom Udall has been a very liberal representative but he leaves the impression that Tom Udall is moderating. This is just nonsense. Coleman refuses to look at recent legislation pushed by Tom Udall that is NOT MODERATE. Time and again, the Albuquerque Journal refuses to question, refuses to be truthful, endorses incumbency, and fails to be critical.

Why are we subjected to analysis by a University of New Mexico Political Science Prof whose institution contributes heavily to the Udall machine and is definitely not a Conservative voice?

Apparently, we are to support Tom Udall because he is working hard to get elected, because he worries a little, because he says he can help the labs, because he has done a few things for New Mexico in his position by passing out pork? It is not enough.

Apparently, the Albuquerque Journal will continue with their travesty. They will do more of the politically correct reporting where they support incumbency by doing fluff pieces like this.

You wouldn’t think Tom Udall does anything in Washington by reading this piece. What about his letter to the IRS? What about his support of No Child Left Behind that caused New Mexico children so much distress? What about his casual stance toward the borders and immigration? What about the unaffordable Affordable Care Act that lost health insurance for New Mexicans? What about his causing the 2008 collapse of the economy by voting for the repeal of Glass Stegall? What about his helping the bailout of banks? What about his support of a U.S. foreign policy that got arms directly into the hands of ISIS terrorists who are now on our trail?

The list goes on but we have to read pablum from the biggest newspaper in the state.

What a shame. This is why we don’t read the Journal.

Full article here >>>.

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