Udall Promotes Labs at New Mexico’s Expense

 Posted:  August 22, 2014

Several days ago DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com reviewed one of Tom Udall’s recent campaign ads – the one where he talks mightily about preserving the military bases and labs in New Mexico. We found his claims to be dubious and made the comment that even though the military bases and labs are important to New Mexico, New Mexico needs to move forward.

New Mexico needs to have a representative who understands business and helps the Governor of New Mexico, whomever that may be, to solve some of New Mexico’s negatives that keep business development from happening here.

The linked article below from Greg Mello, who heads up a non profit think tank (Los Alamos Study Group). He has penned an excellent summary of what we have already felt.

His salient comments contend that:

“New Mexico’s nuclear labs and military bases are economically sterile and politically damaging to New Mexico, They don’t contribute to create many real jobs, let alone thousands of them …”

“New Mexico is stuck in a World War II economy and Udall is stuck in a World War II mentality …”

The article gives readers a reasoned summary of why New Mexico needs more than the status quo.

It is pleasing to find other commentaries that confirm what we have already presented on this Website. It tells us that we are closer to the truth than Tom Udall is, and we are voicing concerns that our candidates should be addressing.

The military and labs are dependent on government funding and the Federal government is actually insolvent.

Why should New Mexico be stuck fifty years behind the times by representatives who want to keep us there?

Full article here >>>.

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