Update on Ebola Czar

 Posted:  October 19, 2014

A recent posting discussed the bringing on of Lisa Monaco to be the “Ebola Czar”.

That turns out to be a little premature. The POTUS has now picked a Democratic operative named Ron Klain as the “Ebola Czar”. His claim to fame was leading the legal fight in the infamous Florida Presidential snafu that gave us George W. Bush as President. He has no medical or public safety experience.

It is suggested in this article that the POTUS sees the Ebola affair as something that needs to be fixed, and this man is a fixer of the first order.

By the way, he will still report to Ms. Monaco and Susan Rice who are also Democratic operatives with meager experience in anything but rhetoric and dis-information.

So, now that we have a new “Ebola Czar” don’t you feel protected and safe?

Full article here >>>.

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