Vote the Percentages to Help New Mexico

 Posted:  September 11, 2014

The opinion piece linked below appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. The title is “Hydrocarbons are not going anywhere”.

In fact, if one goes to the energy section of this Website, there are many references to the fact that even thirty years in the future the worlds demand for oil will still be increasing and at least 80% of the power generated will be from fossil fuels. There will be solar and wind increases, of course, but the world will still need the power provided by fossil fuels.

New Mexico is an energy producing state and depends on income generated from fossil fuels to propel its state budget.

Tom Udall is not a help to the oil and gas industry and has voted for decades to restrict, control, and hinder the production of fossil fuels in New Mexico and the United States.

Are alternative solar and wind energy sources to be avoided? Absolutely not.

Are fossil fuels energy sources to be avoided? Absolutely not.

Is Tom Udall a person to be voted for to support our energy producing state into the future? Absolutely not.

Tom Udall votes 100% against the energy needs of the country. Why would any New Mexican support a representative that votes against the needs of his state and his country?

Full article here >>>.

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