Voters Remain Concerned About Nation’s Debt Crisis

 Posted:  July 29, 2014

You can talk about all kinds of issues but when push comes to shove the economy is still number one with all voters.

A May 2014 poll shows that over 81% of voters say that the President and Congress should spend more time dealing with the debt crisis.

A majority of voters say this from all voting blocs. Democrats (71%), Independents (81%), and Republicans (93%) all agree that the long term fiscal health of the nation is the number one problem as far as they are concerned.

Naturally, Tom Udall has no moral ground on this issue and chooses to run ads diverting attention from his weak areas. Tom Udall is a big tax, big spend, big government, big environment guy who believes that government has something for everyone and he has a right to take from some and give to others without asking. He votes to support the rich, give to the poor, and screw the middle class. He is against reforming Social Security, for creating new entitlement programs (ObamaCare), and against affordable energy for everyone (choosing wind and solar over fossil fuels).

Tom Udall talks a good game on fiscal issues but he is rated at the bottom of his class by independent, non-partisan groups representing the taxpayer and fiscal responsibility by government.

The linked article below shows that Congress is out of touch and Tom Udall is out to lunch.

Let’s set him straight on Election Day.

We don’t have to keep taking him seriously, because he isn’t serious about our number one priority.

Full article here >>>.

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