Voters Stay Home in New Mexico Primaries: The Few Determine the Fate of the Many

 Posted:  June 14, 2014

This primary season around 20% of registered Democrats and Republicans turned out to select a candidate to represent them in the November General Election.

This turnout was down from last seasons 28% and also doesn’t reflect the growing number of independent voters in New Mexico who can’t vote in the primary anyway. New Mexico has a closed primary and you have to be registered with a party to vote in the primary.

It was a two-man race for the U.S. Senate on the Republican side. On the Democratic side were a large number of men and women running to challenge Susana Martinez, our Republican Governor of New Mexico.

There were some stark differences in candidates and differences in what they thought was important for the country and New Mexico going forwards.

The bottom line is that people worry too much about money in politics. What they should worry about is the dreadful lack of citizens who will not go vote in a primary where they can get a wider range of candidates and a wider discussion of our state and country. In the General Election the issues shrink, the attacks become strident, and our chance to move off the dime become harder.

If anyone complains about the candidates, ask them if they voted in the primary?

If they didn’t, tell them to stay home in the General Election too.

Our Constitutional Republic needs educated aware adults who know why they are voting and what they expect from who they vote for.

It it is clear, from the voter turnouts on the primary, politicians don’t have to represent but a fraction of their communities anyway. Most of the voters either aren’t registered, are too busy to think, and too lazy to participate. It is hard to worry about voter fraud when so many who could vote don’t bother.

New Mexico is a great state in some ways. For its politics, it is number 51 out of 50 states, off the list.

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