Want to Know Who Tom Udall Is: Go to “About Tom Udall”

 Posted:  July 14, 2014

On this Website there is all the info you need to know about Tom Udall. If you go to the top menu bar and hoover over or click on the About Tom Udall heading you will get a DROPDOWN sub-menu. The categories in this dropdown menu are:

  1. Biographical Info Tom Udall
  2. Core Beliefs/Votes Tom Udall
  3. Fact sheet about Tom Udall
  4. Tom Udall’s Position on 22 Battleground Issues
  5. Interest Group Ratings on Tom Udall
  6. Money/Campaign Resources on Tom Udall
  7. Political Ideology of Tom Udall
  8. Complete Voting record of Tom Udall
  9. Benchmark Votes of Tom Udall (votes on 20 important bills)

This feature is a complete one stop shop on the man who you think has been representing you. You want to see who gives him money, go to About Tom Udall. You want to know what his political philosophy is, go to About Tom Udall. You want to know how he actually voted on any bill – go to About Tom Udall. You want to know what his core beliefs are and how they might differ from yours – go to About Tom Udall. You want to know how he voted on some of the most important bills in the last fifteen years – go to About Tom Udall.

Most of this category gives you a direct link to information from independent, non-partisan sites that have been evaluating all Congressmen for years and have a structured and legitimate way of evaluating them. Also included in the subcategories are articles pertinent to each subcategory.

Why run all over the internet to find stuff? It is here. Use the information and analysis to make an informed choice.

Tom Udall is a very partisan, very ideological politician. He represents the people who give him money and his own personal philosophy developed from decades of rolling with progressive think tanks, organizations, and world groups.

You decide if he represents you and New Mexico.

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