Washington D.C./Crony Capitalism/Tom Udall

 Posted:  August 29, 2014

This video is an interview with Peter Schweizer who has written many books about Washington D.C. and the “permanent political class” that lives there.

The interview covers many habits of the current political class that benefit by their access to information and power. At present, Congress polices themselves and do a rotten job of it. The interview covers many areas where your representative may use his or her position to enrich themselves.

Mr. Schweizer makes the observation that Washington D.C. is a breeding ground for corruption and voters have a responsibility to follow their representatives, look at how they vote, study who gives them money, and decide whether to throw them out of office.

It is our belief that a “permanent political elite class” should NEVER be allowed to exist in power. Sending the same person back to Congress, year in and year out, is a recipe for disaster.

Use the search feature on this Website to check out Tom Udall and Crony Capitalism.

There are no heroes in Washington D.C. There is only compromised politicians with a strong desire to keep their jobs.

Whether they serve us, or serve themselves is a real tricky question.

You decide.

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