Watch For “TS Gold” in New Mexico Schools

 Posted:  October 11, 2014

The linked article below by Michelle Malkin features some educational goings on in Colorado. Colorado is just next door to New Mexico and it is not known when this “TS Gold” migrates south just as illegals are immigrating north. Just when you thought your little ones were safe at school, Common Core raises its ugly head again.

You see, Federal authorities and big league liberal heavy hitters are using schools as the last profit making opportunity. Under the guise of raising test scores and educating America’s youth they are invading privacy, data mining, and meddling in local affairs.

“TS Gold” has already assessed 42,000 Colorado students which means they know a hell of a lot more about you than you might want the test assessors to know. They know all kinds of info that will keep those targeted advertisements coming whenever your child is on line. They know what kids are susceptible to climate change arguments, which ones are likely to be group joiners, and what size your house is and what foods you eat. It is all about data peddling for profit. You only thought this testing thing had to do with test scores but it sure goes deeper.

The days when kids went to school to learn is over. Now, they are just more money making consumers with their own iPhones, their own bank accounts and credit cards, their own music and dress styles, their own lifestyles.

Check out data mining concept using the search feature on

You will be chagrined to know that Tom Udall is comfortable with more Federal intrusion in New Mexico classrooms – even after the failed No Child Left Behind that he voted for.

After all, his kind of voters trained by his kind of teacher’s is the best apple that anyone could get.

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