Water is an Issue in New Mexico But Environmental Fascism is the Real Issue

 Posted:  July 6, 2014

One of Tom Udall’s three top priorities for New Mexico has to do with water. This sounds reasonable since we are a desert state and do need to conserve the water we have so not only cities but agriculture in the valley can sustain themselves. However, when Tom Udall talks about water he has his eyes on environmentalists who are behind his every vote and every waking moment.

There have been clashes in New Mexico between users of the land and the Federal Government’s implementation of the Endangered Species Act. Environmentalists want more water in the river to protect the habitat of the silvery minnow. Cities and farmers need the water to survive.

So, Tom Udall’s plan, aided and abetted by Martin Heinrich, is to have the Federal government – you, the taxpayer, buy water from those who own it and leave the water in the river. Thus, government money will grease palms and all will be happy. The water will stay in the rivers and the silvery minnow will be happy, Farmers will be happy. Communities who get these dollars will be happy. It is a happy happy world. The Endangered Species Act will be sidestepped and it will only cost more money from the taxpayer to do it.

We thought maybe Tom Udall was coming up with an idea to actually increase water supply to the state. We thought he was actually going to sacrifice the silvery minnow to evolution and the natural tendency of living organisms to go extinct. We thought maybe his plan wouldn’t cost a lot of money. We thought he would bring less regulation and control of New Mexico by the Federal government.

We thought wrong.

Tom Udall, big spender politician, is just spending your money to smooth out problems caused by legislation he likes and legislation his environmental buddies like too.

Is using government money to buy water that will be channeled back into the Rio grande river and other streams to protect a minnow something you should be paying for?

Drought is a problem in New Mexico, but so is the environmental fascism of Wildlife Guardians, the Sierras Club, and other supporters of Tom Udall.

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