We Aren’t the Middle Class Anymore

 Posted:  October 27, 2014

At a concert last night, the band played an original song about the death of the “middle class”. As the performer who wrote the protest song wryly stated:

“My conservative and liberal friends both liked the song, so, what’s the point?”

It was a good number and brought up the death of the middle class. It made us think of who exactly falls into the middle class?

The middle class has traditionally been not rich but not poor – in the middle. They have possessed a reasonable amount of discretionary income, don’t live hand to mouth, job to job, season to season like the poor. It is mentioned in this linked piece that a middle class person earns about $54,000 a year and, after expenses, has a third of their income left to spend on whatever they want (discretionary income). The middle class has been working class people.

Most of us can say that finding anyone who meets these middle class criteria is difficult. In fact, the old middle class could be used now to describe the rich.

In the old days the middle class had enough money to spend on most of the following seven items:

  1. Vacations
  2. New vehicles
  3. Pay off debt
  4. Emergency savings
  5. Retirement savings
  6. Medical care
  7. Dental work

Things have changed thanks to our current and past Congressional policies.

After a little reflection, it seems some of our staff have slipped below the middle class line and are continue to slide to the bottom of the barrel. We only thought we were middle class because no one really wants to think of themselves as poor because of the social stigma.

It is not the rich that concerns us. They will always find a way to do well and they represent a smaller number of citizens.

What worries us is why so many Americans over the past ten years in particular have lost the American dream?

People who feel secure are far and few between.

The middle class is being killed off and it will continue as long as we send people to Congress to represent us who care more about the needs, wants and rights of illegal entrants into the country than the needs, wants, and rights of natural born and naturalized citizens.

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