We Can’t Support All the World’s Poor (Bill O’Reilly)

 Posted:  June 20, 2014

Like him, or not, this is a quite good summary of the current situation on our southern borders with Mexico.

There comes a time when voters need to step up to the plate and make a determining vote. Do we allow anyone to come into the U.S. from anywhere anytime, or not? How many people can we absorb into our country and our culture who don’t have education, don’t speak our language, and don’t have skills to compete in a country where our college graduates are now pushing burgers?

Tom Udall, who scores an “F” on immigration, will only push for comprehensive immigration reform. He will only condemn the opposition who is not convinced making illegals welcome is a good thing.

You decide … do you want open borders = vote for Tom Udall. You want to shut the borders, establish some control over who enters this country – vote against Tom Udall or don’t vote at all.

When you vote for Tom Udall you will not get border security. You will end up with millions more visitors to the U.S. demanding to be taken care of.

Ask Tom Udall how he thinks letting people come across our borders actually helps our country?

Listen to the video linked below. Even for those of us who are no fans of the blustery O’Reilly, he makes common sense on this talking points memo.

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