We Don’t Have Inflation?

 Posted:  May 29, 2014

We can’t hold Tom Udall responsible for most of the inflation we have seen since the Federal Reserve was created to stop inflation. However, we can suggest that during Tom Udall’s time in Congress, from around 2000 to now, there has been inflation.

In 2000 you had to make $17.39 cents to buy what you used to buy with a $1 dollar bill. In 2014 you have to make $23.27 to buy what you used to buy with a $1 dollar bill.

Additionally, the dollar bill now is just paper. You can’t take it to the bank and get silver or gold for it. It is not worth the paper it is printed on. Nixon did that.

So, when Tom Udall pushes for a raise in the minimum wage he is just trying to catch you up a little because of loose money policies he has supported in his votes in Congress. Inflation results from too much money in the economy, which devalues it. The thing about raising the minimum wage is that it will further increase inflation which will rob from all of us.

Better to the point is to stop the debt cycle, quit printing money we don’t have and growing expensive government we can’t afford.

Ask Tom Udall why he won’t vote for those policies the next time you pay ten cents more for a soft drink or fifty cents a gallon more for gas?

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