We Don’t Know Why Women Tend to Vote More Often For Liberal Democrats Than Men but Here is a Theory?

 Posted:  September 4, 2014

The linked article below debates this question and offers the following guess:

“Men, in general, have more of a tendency to be analytical and evaluate things based on numbers, logic, principles. They will look at someone’s track record and judge each candidate on a merit basis … Women, in general, tend to be more emotional about their votes. This trait makes them more likely to be swayed by promises and lies …”

What we hope is that EVERY voter studies the candidates, studies the votes where they are there to be studied, looks beyond the glorious half truths of campaign speeches, and picks the most logical person to represent them. Emotion is a huge part of making decisions but you don’t want to make it the only thing you make your decision by. Analysis is a huge part of the decision making process but it is not the ONLY route to a correct decision.

Combine the best of both worlds and we will all be better for it.

Full article here >>>.

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