We Get Answer on Request For Senate Candidate Debates

 Posted:  September 18, 2014

This linked announcement from the Allen Weh campaign gives DoesTomUdallRepresent You.com an answer we have been seeking for months.

The New Mexico media have submitted three separate requests for debates to the two candidates for the New Mexico Senate seat available this November 2014. Allen Weh, one of the candidates, has accepted the requests three times.

Tom Udall, who is our current non-representative, has DECLINED three times.

We have wondered why Tom Udall is running a non-campaign?

We see no Udall signs on major streets in Albuquerque. We see no press releases or statements about the myriad of events on our borders, in the Middle East, in New Mexico. We see no evidence that Tom Udall is in town. He could be on a beach in the Caribbean reading Parade magazine for all we know and leaving the campaign up to his high paid campaign adviser who runs campaigns all over the country for progressive candidates?

It is in truly BAD FORM when your representative refuses to talk about his record, or even talk.

Campaign Finance reform pales as an issue when lined up beside CAMPAIGN REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE.

Come on, Tom Udall, talk about something besides minorities, women, minimum wage.

Has the cat got your tongue or do you just have no ideas of your own?

We demand debates … doesn’t New Mexico deserve to know about your record?

Full article here >>>.

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