We Hate the Federal Reserve

 Posted:  August 30, 2014

Thisvideo is thirty minutes and covers the creation of the Federal Reserve and what they do.

People like to marginalize Glenn Beck but, in his Fox days, he actually did research and presented shows that were factual, true, and informative.

You need to know what the candidates position is on the Federal Reserve. If they are for the Federal Reserve they are not for you, not for the working man, not for preservation of your money’s value.

We don’t like to pay so much attention to something as boring as the Federal Reserve but they are villains.

If your Congressional Representative supports the Fed you have your answer as to why all the wealth in the country is moving upwards to the elites.

Ask Tom Udall why he won’t fight for the Audit the Fed bill that sits on Harry Reid’s desk?

He will just say the Fed is doing a great job at controlling the economy, but, it seems that the economy has been on a roller coaster ever since the Fed was created, the value of your money has gone steadily down, and the banks and Wall Street just keep on getting bigger.

We hate the Federal Reserve but this is a very good presentation of the “banking cartel” that runs America.

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