We Have a First Amendment Now, but Tom Udall Wants to Change That

 Posted:  September 3, 2014

It is a shame that such a modest Senator from a very modest state should be introducing a Constitutional Amendment to control speech when we have a Constitution that gives us a right to free speech.

We guess that they couldn’t find anyone else to put the bill forward and Tom Udall did it because he is a party man and does what his superiors say.

The Constitutional Amendment he has proposed will never go anywhere because it is strictly a partisan fund raising exercise.

It is a gesture by the Democrats to address their base who don’t like the fact that the Supreme Court has said that corporations (that are owned by individuals) have a right to give money to political causes they favor and also spend money on ads and movies they also favor.

The linked article below actually describes the Citizen’s United case where a corporation that made a movie unflattering to Hillary Clinton wanted to release it before the Democratic parties in past years. They were forbidden to do it and took their case to court and won.

This entire exercise is less about people using their money to buy votes and influence Congress (we already know this happens).

This is about progressive Democrats abusing their Senate majority to take away rights of citizens to be heard.

No wonder Republicans won’t sign on.

Funny thing is that Democrats take more money from business that Republicans (look it up).

This really is about speech. The fact is, you take money away from speech and we have no speech except us talking to ourselves. The media already censor speech anyway.

Full article here >>>.

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