We Have Been Called a FAR RIGHT Website But We Agree With the Huffington Post on This Issue

 Posted:  July 18, 2014

We all know how badly NAFTA hurt the United States. We all know the evils of the World Trade Organization. We also know that, at the moment, there is a new top secret trade treaty being negotiated by the Obama administration.

In this treaty, the Trans Pacific Partnership, we have the collusion of big multinational corporations and governments cooking the books to favor the big boys. The results of another large treaty will only accelerate the bleeding of jobs, factories, and entire industries overseas.

This linked article below by the Huffington Post details how past trade treaties like NAFTA and the WTO have gutted American jobs, and hurt the U.S. We have huge trade deficits and huge unemployment because our federal government pursues the interests of global companies instead of local businesses.

The Trans Pacific Treaty is moving through Congress and it is being negotiated and written by big players. The only people who don’t know about it are your representatives who will eventually be faced with thousands of pages to read and a deadline to vote. Money will pour in from both sides of the issue and big business Republicans and Democrats will use their crony capitalism tendencies to pull another hoodwink on the unsuspecting public.

Tom Udall voted to fast track NAFTA. Tom Udall voted not to get us out of the WTO. Tom Udall believes in a global economic system. Tom Udall is okay with the treaty being negotiated outside the purview of Congress. Tom Udall writes a letter to President Obama asking him to be gentle with American workers instead of telling him that he will, under no circumstances, vote for the treaty.

We cannot even run the V.A., or a Website, or the Post Office, or Amtrack. We cannot balance the federal budget or run a space program. We cannot even secure our borders or deal with our energy needs.

If Tom Udall thinks his little letter is going to protect your employment, protect your community, protect local businesses, he is sadly mistaken.

He can stand up for American workers by telling Obama – “NO TO THE TPP!!!”

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