We Have Studied Voting Records: Have You?

 Posted:  October 23, 2014

Just so you know that we have done some homework, we have linked you below to an analysis of just one of Tom Udall’s more important votes of yesteryear – No Child Left Behind.

This brought the Federal government into your child’s classroom in a very big way. In New Mexico we are still fighting the fall out of an emphasis on testing and a beating up of teachers when most of the problems of kids not learning can be laid at the doorstep of a failing society and broken families.

Tom Udall voted for NCLB, supported teacher’s and teacher’s unions, supported testing and retesting, supported all kinds of money thrown at education where a donkey passes out carrots to anyone willing to not call it an “ass”.

There are hundreds of votes that Tom Udall has made. We talk about votes and link to votes on a number of news postings, and have a collection of votes in the Benchmark Votes section of this Website under About Tom Udall.

We guess votes don’t make much difference to New Mexican voters. Tom Udall voted for No Child left Behind even though the law has since been canned.

If kids are having problems with testing in school, perhaps you should ask Tom Udall why he voted for a law that brought it all too New Mexico?

Full article here >>>.

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