We Know All Politicians Don’t Tell The Truth But When Are Democrats Going to Give Tom Udall the Smell Test?

 Posted:  June 24, 2014

Over and over in researching Tom Udall, it has been found that on almost every issue he has a hard time passing a simple test: “Do his votes and rhetoric line up?”

Whether you look at major or minor legislation, Tom Udall is the first to pat himself on the back. In fact, you wonder how he doesn’t break his arm. He is the first to blow his trumpet for bills he sponsors even though virtually none of them become law. He always spins his votes as having the maximum benefit for all his constituents even though he doesn’t represent all his constituents. He consistently votes for bills that do the opposite of what they say they are going to do or he votes for a bill that does bad things and then distracts attention from that bad vote by voting yes to an amendment that doesn’t count.

Tom Udall is a political man and a man used to saying grand things and having people say grand things about him, People who disagree are “obstructionists” or “right wing zealots” who are to be deprived of their Constitutional say. Tom Udall demonizes with the best of them. He is not alone. There are plenty of Republicans who have as much trouble with the truth as Tom Udall does.

The real question is – “Does Tom Udall Represent You?”

That is a tough question. There are plenty of people that Tom Udall doesn’t represent in New Mexico. There are also plenty of people that THINK Tom Udall represents them when he doesn’t.

There is lots of information on Tom Udall in this Website – DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com.

We have voted for candidates before and later found out they were not who they said they were and we regret those votes. If Tom Udall does represent you, and you know he does, then you will do your talking in the voting booth. But, Tom Udall needs to pass the smell test. He isn’t doing very well so far.

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