We Love Soapapillas and Pappas But We Hate SOPA and PIPA

 Posted:  July 19, 2014

Tom Udall co-sponsors a bill and then drops it after he finds out his public doesn’t like it:

  • SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act (House)
  • PIPA stands the Protect IP Act (Senate)

Both bills were conceived to make it harder for sites, especially those overseas, to steal and/or distribute pirated copyrighted materials such as movies and music, or even counterfeit watches and purses.

These are not bi-partisan bills and plenty of people hate them and have said so. The issue is that the government, once again, is trying to kill a fly with a sledge hammer. In trying to protect the Hollywood industry they are opening the doors to government snooping, government invasion of privacy, and messing with something that works.

Tom Udall co-sponsored the PIPA Act. After his office received two to three hundred calls and e mails against the bill he beat a hasty retreat and issued a press statement saying that it was wise to listen to his constituents.

The fact is that he should have listened LONG BEFORE he co-sponsored the bill. What he was probably thinking about is all the money he got from Hollywood to back the bill. A linked report shows that he received $200,000 to support the bill.

Another linked article here reminds that the Act would hurt independent film-makers in N.M.

Once again, Tom Udall jumps at the chance to help big business and hurt the little guy.

Don’t you want a representative that takes the time to think BEFORE he jumps on board for a bill, not one who bails out when the going gets tough?

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