We Missed the Movie but the IRS Doesn’t Need Exposing, it Needs Eliminating

 Posted:  November 1, 2014

The video included in the linked article below shows an interview with a documentary film maker who exposes the IRS as what it is – the big schoolyard bully. He created an eighty minute video that takes apart the IRS and argues for other tax systems to replace it.

We wish something would have been said by Tom Udall and Allen Weh about reforming our tax system and eliminating the IRS that carries guns, confiscates Americas property and money, and makes us prove we are innocent every damn year.

In this political season there are only a few talking points and candidates have been schooled to talk about as few of them as possible so they don’t have to get cornered and have to explain what they mean – which could take hours of their valuable time.

It is time for the IRS to go, regardless of who the Senator from New Mexico is.

Full article here >>>.

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