We Will Not Yield Our Second Amendment Rights

 Posted:  August 17, 2014

second_admendment_rightsBehind this sign are a whole slew of guns and people who know how to use them. They use them for hunting, for target practice, for shooting tin cans in the mesas, for getting some dinner, for talking about, and hanging in their pickups.

Lots of New Mexico is open space, just like the original colonies. Having a weapon is a part of life and you wouldn’t be caught outdoors without one.

Tom Udall is a gun control man, a politician who wants to say who can have a gun, who can buy a gun, who can carry a gun. He makes no bones about it. His voting record is replete with attempts to say No to your Constitutional right to have a gun. You fill out the forms, wait till the waiting period is over, lock your guns up in a cabinet till you are ready to use them, teach your kids about safety, and follow the laws.

Are you going to let Tom Udall tell you that you can’t have a weapon, that you can’t have ammunition, that you can’t protect yourself and your family?

We doubt that you are and that is what makes you New Mexicans and not New Yorkers.

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