Wealthy, Elites, Contribute to Udall’s Campaigns (Both of Them).

 Posted:  June 2, 2014

It is no surprise that the Udall’s are over-represented in Congress and under-represent tax paying Americans. Tom Udall and Mark Udall vote together on 99% of the issues and are both up for re-election in 2014. Mark Udall is in a tighter race but Tom Udall is coasting.

What is interesting is that Tom and Mark Udall share 242 donors in common with each other and share 238 donors in common with Jeanne Shaheen of New Hamphire. The donors are a fairly elite group and a spokesman quoted here says that the donations put them into the .02% of Americans that have donated this election cycle to political action committees or candidates.

It seems that sports celebrities, lawyers, environmentalists and union players all want these two guys to go back to Congress and vote for the policies they love.

What really steams you is that now rich politicians are using their money to influence races in New Mexico. Tom Udall got money from a Mr. Polis who is in Congress and one of the richest of the rich in Congress. We find this to be pure evil when a politician takes money from another politician to build a team with agendas not good for New Mexico.

Tom Udall, why don’t you campaign for finance reform that keeps Washington insiders from beefing up your campaign fund? Why don’t you campaign for reform that keeps Barbara Boxers California campaign funds from ending up in your Tom Udall Funds?

In this election it is just the elites against the elites. The rest of us sit on the sidelines and give our votes to the group with the biggest pile of money thinking that makes them winners.

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