Website Visitor Has a Video For Tom Udall That Will Totally Shock You

 Posted:  July 31, 2014

This video was produced in New Mexico and is a short interview with a retired border patrol officer who spent his career in drug and human trafficking interdiction between the U.S. and Mexico. For twenty six years he has watched as various government agencies do not keep the border safe, do not keep Americans safe, do not keep children safe.

In the course of the interview, which has 341,000 likes on You Tube, Zack Taylor reminds listeners that while the U.S. government has invited these illegals into the country, they are not telling you any of the facts. The first fact is that most of these “children” are teenagers and have tattoos and gang affiliations. The second fact is that many of these illegals are sick and are bringing diseases into the country. We do not know where they are going and CDC is not taking control of the situation. With ebola almost entering the U.S. recently, it is not a question of whether but a question of when that we see diseases in your community. The third fact is that much of this chaos is orchestrated by our own federal government. There are international concerns that are interested in “asymmetrical warfare” which is bringing the U.S. down internally without firing a shot. While our politicians point at the “poor children”, it is your children who will pay a price.

Even more crazy, the Border Patrol are on orders not to fire their weapons until 2015.

Tom Udall needs to watch the video because he refuses to accept responsibility for looking at all sides of an issue. He was told repeatedly by residents of Southern New Mexico that creating a new wilderness would increase illegal activity in the area, increase drug and human trafficking, and not achieve anything of note. For years he has stonewalled, ignored local residents, and finally went over everyone’s head and took 250,000 acres of New Mexico land and gave it to Washington D.C. (through Executive orders).

Tom Udall won’t tell you the truth about what is going on anywhere. He will not tell you what New Mexico citizens know from personal experience. Tom Udall is a smoke screen, a phantom, a cardboard political elite who takes orders from someone other than you.

We don’t need Tom Udall. We need a representative who will look us in the eye and tell us the truth.

Thumbs up to the visitor who submitted this video!

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