Welcome to Education … New Mexico Style

 Posted:  August 10, 2014

The headlines read that over the last five years, student scores on the Standard Based Assessment Test, in reading and math, have gone DOWN. In reading and math, 49% of New Mexico students are at or above grade level. The rest, the 51% left, are below grade level.

The scores on the yearly group of tests show mostly a stagnant result for all students. The female students seem to score about the same and are at the top of the heap in terms of achievement which suggests that schools are meeting their needs. Other groups are significantly behind in their educational achievement.

Reasons for the drop are the introduction of common core into the curriculum.

Next year the new assessment test will be the PARCC which will test Common Core ideas.

Common Core has been controversial across the country and a number of states have decided not to use it as the model for their curriculums. There is lots of info on this Website on Common Core in the battleground issues section – both articles and videos.

Next year the scores will most likely drop again because Common Core standards are more challenging and the students must take the tests on computers and may not have adequate computer skills.

Education in New Mexico is a head shaking event. Drop out rates are still high, scores are low, attendance is atrocious, and costs to educate your child is up.

Not much has been said during this election cycle about education though it is all parent’s desire to see their children become prepared for the world they will inherit.

In New Mexico, one has to acknowledge that until adults get their act together, students can not be expected to get their acts together.

Public schools are the method most used to educate the young in New Mexico.

With scores like this and the trend lines pointing down, it is natural to ask representatives if there are other options of educating the young that might work better, especially with young men and minorities and the disadvantaged?

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