Welcome to Tom Udall’s World: Pass a Federal Law and Make States Pay For It

 Posted:  September 5, 2014

Unfunded mandates have been increasing for decades and many state fiscal problems are exacerbated by Federal Laws that mandate the states take some action the Feds deem appropriate but don’t provide funds. It is not unlike your boss telling you do do something he wants you to do but not paying you for it.

Tom Udall is great for voting for and supporting big government bills that give the Federal government a stake in lots of areas that aren’t their Constitutional arena. He is big for the grand gesture, the huge scheme, the immense arrogance of belief in central government’s ability and authority.

We did a little work on Google and give you four examples of “unfunded mandates” that impact New Mexico and the country. All of them are huge bills and demand the states use their money to pay for implementing a program they had no say over. Here are just four of many Tom Udall sponsored legislative fiascos:

  1. Common Core
  2. No Child Left Behind
  3. Clean Air/Water Act
  4. Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

So, when state finances get stretched and the Governor needs to close down state parks to save money or change eligibility requirements for massive Federal programs, don’t blame the state officials. Blame Tom Udall … that is where the blame must be put.

Refusing to pass Federal Legislation that is just another unfunded mandate on New Mexico is one of the best things our representatives could do.

It is a shame that representatives sign for laws that cost states money and don’t give the state’s proper representation.

When Senator’s are elected by popular vote instead of by state legislatures, as originally conceived in the Constitution, states are left unrepresented and we have no way to recall incompetent and/ or corrupt representatives.

Thanks for costing us lots of money Tom Udall … you are giving us more headaches than you are taking away.

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