What are These Senate Democrats Hiding on Their Campaign Websites?

 Posted:  April 25, 2014

Tom Udall voted for ObamaCare, pushed ObamaCare, and praised its passage as landmark legislation that he was proud to sign. In the ensuing onslaught of troubles ObamaCare has been delayed, changed, modified, and huge numbers of Americans have lost their insurance – something that Tom Udall assured us wouldn’t happen. Tom Udall is so proud of ObamaCare that he doesn’t talk about it on his website. He talks plenty about his big issues with drought, alternative energy, and other small matters. When you pass a bill that affects almost all Americans and don’t talk about it – it does make people wonder? Imagine what he isn’t telling us about the other legislation he has signed off on and conveniently forgets to talk about in his speeches, press conferences, and public appearances.

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