What Are Tom Udall’s New Priorities?

 Posted:  August 31, 2014

We have heard about Tom Udall’s past top three priorities and have linked a report on them made in June 2014. Now, with the election near, Tom Udall has a new set of priorities – the economy.

Now, after twenty years in Congress, the economy suddenly concerns him. Now, after passing lots of legislation that helps the public sector only and drives up the costs of private sector business, he has decided that the private sector is important. He is supported by public unions, supports government sprawl, and demonizes the New Mexico energy industry. How does this help the private sector?

Sorry, Tom Udall, we don’t believe you. When you look at this video several things pop out. Tom Udall is not helping the private sector. He is promoting the private public partnership which has been discussed on this Website – try the search feature. This is just another crony capitalist favorite where you use government to support the kinds of businesses you like at taxpayer expense. Why do you use public money to support certain business models and not others?

Tom Udall doesn’t listen to constituents, opponents, or private sector people. He has passed lots of legislation that hurts New Mexico business.

It is election time, however, and what Tom Udall says is never what he does. He is a true politician. It doesn’t matter whether you walk the walk because most of the public won’t take the time to look at your votes, your statements, your history. If they did, they would come to the same conclusions that we have.

What Tom Udall says, and what he does, are two different things.

Tom Udall has NEVER been for the economy, never been for small business (big business is another issue), has never been for capitalism and truly free enterprise where you get rewarded for your initiative. He has ALWAYS been for government, Public Unions, Regulation through the EPA and the IRS, and shutting down those who disagree with his centralized government dreams.

Why would anyone who actually wants decisions to be local vote for a man who pushes for WASHINGTON D.C. to tuck you into bed with standard issue pillows, blow the alarm when it is time for you to get up, and sent you to the collective farm for a day’s work at less than minimum wage?

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