What Creates Wealth?

 Posted:  August 14, 2014

The very short video in the linked article below introduces some concepts that go to the heart of this election.

It follows a very simple path:

  1. Knowledge is what separates us from our ancestors.

  2. Knowledge comes from innovation.

  3. Innovation leads to new knowledge which leads to new innovations and new wealth.

  4. Innovation cannot be planned.

  5. Innovation rises from risk and is motivated by greater rewards for success than penalties for failure.

  6. Innovation comes from freedom.

  7. Utopian visions of Socialism, with all the government regulation and control, shut off freedom, shut off surprise, shut off innovation, shut off risk, shut off the creation of wealth.

This election vote for someone who believes that wealth is created by free thinking and acting individuals who start something that didn’t exist before ,or a better version of something that has existed. Vote for someone who believes it is up to us to make our OWN Utopias on Earth, not work for someone else’s Utopia.

Remember that big corporations are the entities that are most helped by government. They are the ones who benefit from regulations that kill their competitors, guarantee them the bigger slice of the pie, narrow your choices, and eliminate jobs in favor of consolidation that helps their shareholders but doesn’t bring more opportunities for workers.

Vote “no” to Tom Udall – a man who loves big government, big business, big control, big regulation.

With Tom Udall, the business that might hire your son or daughter will never open its doors.

Full article here >>>.

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