What do George W. Bush and Tom Udall Have in Common: They Share a Third Way Philosophy

 Posted:  June 22, 2014

Even Dana Milbank has insights occasionally.

In researching Tom Udall, the man with many spots, but a truly Marxist core, we came upon a better understanding of the Third Way. Tom Udall supports the Third Way just like he supports all group projects that chip away at individual freedoms in favor of group think and group control of your thoughts, speech, private property, money and assets, and freedom to move and associate with people you choose. It sounds kind of frightening, and, it is.

The Third Way is another TERM used to define communitarianism. The Third Way supporters state they want to find a middle ground between far left and far right philosophies. The third way seekers actually tend to transcend political groups and are looking to set up a New World Order (remember George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton). They are seeking to do the following at your expense:

  1. Establish a global database of human capital assets.

  2. Start mandatory citizen participation in rebuilding the world.

  3. Eliminate national borders.

  4. Establish a stronger central global government made up and run by third way thinkers only.

It sounds like they are achieving their goals to us. New Mexicans, sheep that they are, allow this to happen by returning the same Marxists to office year in year out. Tom Udall, Ben Ray Lujan, Martin Heinrich, Michelle Lujan-Grisham all consistently vote for third way principles.

What we have in Congress now is Marxist bi-partisanship. The state taking control of your future whether you want it or not. Group think is in; individual thought, initiative, creativity and rewards is out.

Your vote counts but make it count. Pretty soon, in the USA, your vote will only be symbolic.

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