What do Global Warming, Climate Change and Communism Have in Common?

 Posted:  September 27, 2014

As the linked article below from PJ Media discusses, all these things share a hate of capitalism.

The article describes a recent climate rally in California that coincided with a rally in New York. It was mentioned by observers that there were more Communists there than Environmentalists.

It goes like this:

  1. Capitalism causes global warming.

  2. Global warming will not be stopped till you get rid of Capitalism.

  3. Reforming the Capitalist system will be impossible.

  4. The entire U.S. system needs to be brought down and replaced by some new social and economic system.

That system, of course, is some version of Socialism or Communism, some new variety that will succeed when all the other times they have been tried they have failed. We suspect the goal is to reinvent the European model ,which is teetering Socialism.

The problem is that we don’t have capitalism in the U.S. – we have Crony Capitalism, a fascist state where big business, big government, an elite oligarchy supported by a Police State and a Spy State makes rules after rules after rules for us, but not for them. They are unaccountable, unreachable, and untouchable.

When Tom Udall pushes for environmental buddies we cringe a bit because we know what sounds good always has some rotten roots. Tom Udall should be more careful who he supports but he doesn’t care what you think about Global Warming.

It is, as he tells us, settled.

Fall in line and take what the government gives you, pay your taxes like a good slave, and you can watch football on the weekend like the Roman public who went to the Gladiator Games.

Don’t think and don’t criticize.

That is no longer your right even though the Constitution says it is. That is an old outmoded document that nobody reads anymore.

Full article here >>>.

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