What do Minnesota and New Mexico Have in Common?

 Posted:  July 20, 2014

About the only thing they have in common is being the two most Liberal Senators in the last Congress. In fact, Tom Udall was voted the most liberal, even more liberal than Al Franken who is more liberal than Harry Reid. In the pantheon of liberalness, Tom Udall is a bright shining star.

Al Franken and Tom Udall have, in fact, teamed up in a joint fundraising venture together, and the proceeds from this expensive lunch in Albuquerque on August 2nd 2014 will be split between the both of them.

We are not invited but wouldn’t find it palatable to fork over even a $1000 to listen to toasts, listen to guests gloat about stealing a quarter million acres from the state of New Mexico, making thousands of New Mexicans lose their health care policies, or laugh about how they got the IRS to shut down those pesky Tea Party Patriots.

The only question we have at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com is how did fundraising become considered a campaign.

We would like to see a real live town hall with more than just invited guests. We would like to see a real interview with real questions from the Albuquerque Journal. We would like to see some discussion about issues both men have been avoiding.

I guess Tom and Al will raise money ’til election day, say as little as possible, create lots of diversions and distractions, and hope there are no more scandals that they will have to denounce as politically induced scandals.

For a man who wants to get money out of politics, it seems that Tom Udall has really open pockets and likes lunches a lot.

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