What do Susana Martinez and Tom Udall Have in Common?

 Posted:  October 31, 2014


This photo shows Governor Martinez starting her campaign tour of the state in her big bus. She has just left the bus and is shaking the hands of friends and followers before making a short speech, and then getting back on the bus and hitting the road.

The thought occurs – “How can a state overwhelmingly support a Republican Governor, but vote for Tom Udall?”

This happens other places too where the state loves elephants in one venue ,but donkeys in another.

Philosophically, Susana Martinez and Tom Udall are not even reading the same book.

Why would you vote for Susana and vote for Tom Udall?

This election let’s try to be a little more consistent. Why vote for a Republican Governor and give her a Democratic Legislature and Democratic Congressional Representatives to have to fight with. You aren’t going to get compromise by stacking the deck against one party in favor of the other.

The answer to our question is that Susana Martinez and Tom Udall have nothing in common.

Voting for both of them is a no starter.

If you like Susana Martinez, do her a favor and forget Tom Udall.

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