What do We Need a Constitution For?

 Posted:  June 7, 2014

The value of the Constitution is that it gives regular Americans protections from the rich, powerful, and well connected in our society. If you listen to politicians from both political parties, you would think that they are all about protecting us. They are the first to tell us that the American people are speaking to them and they are listening. When both parties continue to violate the Constitution, or don’t stand up for it, they are hurting all of us, regardless of party.

In recent conversations, I found myself talking about politicians and political parties and issues spinning all over the place like balls on a pool table.

I made a mistake.

We don’t need to talk about politicians or parties. We need to talk about the Constitution and whether politicians or parties, either one, is adhering to the spirit of the Constitution.

Our Constitution was written by some smart men who wrote a plan for a country where individual citizens would be represented, where power would not be centralized in Washington D.C., where people could express themselves freely, and be free from oppression by the government. The elites have been chipping away at it almost from the beginning.

There is nothing wrong with the Constitution. There is everything wrong with little men who seek to change it to take away your freedom.

The attached article discusses how, in 2013 (just one year), the Executive Branch overstepped its authority and infringed on the rights of the Legislative Branch who said very little to check the power grab by the Executive Branch.

Tom Udall didn’t say a word about any of these. Why should he? If you can’t get your way through arguing things out in the open forum of Congress, you go to the President who, with a pen, gives you want you want in a flash of the eye.

We expect our Congressmen to protect the duties of the Legislative Branch, as the Constitution intended. When the Executive Branch starts writing laws, or changing them after they are passed, we are all in trouble.

Full article here >>>.

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